I’m a 20-something individual working in digital media in New York City. I live in one of the greatest cities in the world! I’ve recently taken on photography as a hobby and I enjoy taking photos of my city and friends (strangers, too, but they end up becoming friends).

Right now, I am teaching myself Spanish and some computer programming languages — don’t worry, I’m going to stick it out with Python and work my way around the circuit.

I really enjoy a good slice of pizza (Prince Street Pizza is where it’s at) and I’m a sucker for french fries. Just because I love food doesn’t mean I don’t exercise!

I’m training for a half marathon. I’ve completed running a half marathon — my time was 1:51:00! Now I’m trying to get it down under 1:45:00. I try to run every other day. Right now, I can run ~8 miles at a 8 minute pace and I’m looking to extend my range before I bring my time down.

And in case you’re interested in what gear I use for my photography:



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